Lake Burrumbeet Australia, Ballarat

Lake Burrumbeet

Lake Burrumbeet is a large but shallow eutrophic lake in central western Victoria, Australia. Located 20 kilometres (12 mi) west of Ballarat and 140 kilometres (87 mi) west of Melbourne, the lake has been progressively emptying since 1997 and was declared completely dry in 2004. It has however in recent years refilled because of good rainfalls, making water sports in the lake once again possible, with recreational jet skiing and boating taking place in the winter of 2010. The lake is a major wetland for the region because of its size and is utilised as a recreational area for boating, fishing and camping.

Burrumbeet is the largest of four shallow lakes in the Ballarat region covering approximately 24 square kilometres (9.3 sq mi). The lake reserve is of important historical significance as many Aboriginal camp sites and areas of geological interest are located around its foreshore.