Sturt Street Gardens Australia, Ballarat

Sturt Street Gardens

The Sturt Street Gardens is a central reservation running along Sturt Street, one of the main thoroughfares of Ballarat, (Victoria, Australia). The formal gardens span 13 city blocks from Grenville Street in the east to Pleasant Street in the west, are 20 metres (22 yd) wide and cover an area of 2.87 hectares (7.1 acres) running east–west.

The historic gardens are the main gardens of Ballarat's Central Business District and significant for their heritage features including significant statues, bandstands, memorials and trees. Three of the reserve's monuments are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and the entire gardens are listed as a heritage precinct by the City of Ballarat. The gardens are important to the culture of Ballarat.

Several blocks along the gardens have individual names based on their history and features such as Queen Victoria Square and Alexandra Square.