Parliament Square, Hobart Australia, Hobart

Parliament Square, Hobart

"Parliament Square" is the name given to the upcoming redevelopment of the block directly behind Parliament House in Hobart, Tasmania. The site is in close proximity to the waterfront and is bounded by Davey Street to the north, Murray Street to the east, Salamanca Place to the west and Parliament House to the south. The block has an approximate area of 7,322 m². The eight buildings that comprise the site in its present form range in height from two to 14 levels and are connected by a number of laneways and car parks. While some of the buildings are used as government offices, major sections of the site are empty. The site includes the former St Mary’s Hospital, the Red Brick Building, 34 West Davey Street, the former Government Printing Office building at 2-4 Salamanca Place and the former PABX building; and Government offices at 10 Murray Street, 12 Murray Street and 34 Davey Street, all of which are occupied by the State Government.