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Kobryn (Belarusian: Ко́брын; Russian: Кобрин; Ukrainian: Кобринь; Polish: Kobryń; Lithuanian: Kobrynas; Yiddish: קאברין‎) is a city in the Brest Region of Belarus and the center of the Kobryn District. The city is located in the southwestern corner of Belarus where the Mukhavets River and Dnepr-Bug Canal meet. The city lies about 52 km east of the city of Brest. Kobryn is located at Latitude 52.12.58N and Longitude 24.21.59E. It is at an altitude of 485 feet. It is a station on the Brest – Homiel railway line. As of 1995, the population was around 51,500. Sometimes the name of the city is written as Kobrin which is a transliteration from Russian.