Aquatopia Belgium, Antwerp


Aquatopia was a popular educational attraction in central Antwerp, Belgium. It used to feature a set of aquariums, along with recreations of other marine habitats, including swamps, rain forests, river deltas, and coral reefs. Aquatopia also included a number of special exhibits covering sharks, nautilus, and mysteries of the deep. The multi-story attraction was located on Koningin Astridplein, opposite Antwerpen-Centraal railway station. It had 1,000,000 litres (220,000 imp gal; 260,000 US gal) of water.

Although the entrance to Antwerp Zoo is also located very close by, facing the same square (Astridplein), the zoo was not affiliated with Aquatopia.

Aquatopia closed on January 8, 2017.