Government House, Belize Belize, Belize City

Government House, Belize

The finest colonial structure in Belize City, Government House (now the House of Culture Museum) is said to have been built to plans by the illustrious British architect Sir Christopher Wren with a combination of Caribbean Vernacular and English Urban architecture.

Erected in 1812, it was first the residence of the governor of British Honduras and later the residence of the Governor General, the Queen's representative in Belize. After the rest of the government moved to Belmopan in the wake of Hurricane Hattie (1961), the house later became a venue for social functions and a guest house for visiting VIPs.

Eventually, the house was converted into a historical museum. The museum features exhibits of colonial glassware, silverware, and furniture. It also houses a collection of archival records.

The current Governor General's residence is at Belize House, former British High Commission in Belmopan.