Estádio Moisés Lucarelli Brazil, Campinas

Estádio Moisés Lucarelli

The Estádio Moisés Lucarelli Portuguese pronunciation: , also known as Estádio Majestoso, or just Majestoso, is a football stadium inaugurated on September 12, 1948 in Campinas, São Paulo, with a maximum capacity of 19,728 spectators. The stadium is owned by Associação Atlética Ponte Preta. The stadium has a pitch size of 107m x 70m and its area stands at 36,000 m². Its formal name honors Moisés Lucarelli, the co-ordinator of the stadium construction works commission. Its nickname, Estádio Majestoso, means Majestic Stadium, because it was the third largest stadium in Brazil at the time of its inauguration.