Museum of Life Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Museum of Life

The Museum of Life is located at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It is a space of integration of science, culture and society, where the prominent theme is life as an object of knowledge, health and human intervention. The Museum of Life aims to inform and educate in science, health and technology in a creative and entertaining manner, through permanent exhibits, interactive activities, multimedia, theater, video and labs.

Located on the campus of FIOCRUZ – a huge green area in the middle of a densely populated region populated by poor communities and a large number of public schools – the museum stands as a center of leisure combined with culture and education on topics related to science, health and technology in a playful and creative way.

The museum holds a collection under its care with about 2,100 items, among which are personal objects of researchers of the former Oswaldo Cruz Institute and of the current Foundation, as well as laboratory and precision equipment, material related to the production of medicines and vaccines and medical equipment, among other items.

A guided tour of the Moorish Pavilion takes visitors on a tour of Rio de Janeiro from the start of the twentieth century, the time of its construction.

The visitor can also find out, among other, the details of the context of changes in public health in Brazil in one of his most striking episodes, the Vaccine Revolt.