Rose Theatre Brampton Canada, Brampton

Rose Theatre Brampton

The Rose Theatre Brampton is located in downtown Brampton, Ontario. A series of public events throughout September 2006 culminated in a grand opening on 29 September featuring Diana Krall. The theatre includes a main performance hall with seating for 880, and a smaller multi-purpose hall with seating for 130-160, depending on configuration

It was built as "a cultural and tourist destination that will attract significant new business to surrounding restaurants, shops and services". City planners projected that the facilities would generate $2.7 million in economic activity in its first year of operation, and grow to $19.8 million by the fifth year. This is predicted to attract more than 55,000 visitors annually who will spend about $275,000 on before and after-show entertainment, creating close to 300 permanent jobs.

The Rose Theatre was built over a parking lot on land which was originally going to be used to construct an apartment building. However, the soil was found to be too wet and the result was that the Rose Theatre was built there instead.

The Rose Theatre is home to the Rose Theatre Summer Series. The Series is a summer stock theatre festival which includes various theatrical pieces. The shows are in three different venues: The Main Stage, Studio Two and Garden Square.