Forestry Farm Park and Zoo Canada, Saskatoon

Forestry Farm Park and Zoo

The Forestry Farm Park and Zoo is a forested park and zoo located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The park was originally established as the Dominion Forest Nursery Station and later Sutherland Forest Nursery Station. Between 1913-1966 was responsible for growing and shipping 147 million trees shipped across the northern prairie provinces. The first shipment of trees were sent to farmers in 1916. The park is designated a National Historic Site of Canada. The nursery grew caragana, ash, maple, elm, and willow. After the nursery closed in 1966 a portion was re-opened as a city park.

The park contains the following areas:

Developed long before any major residential development in the region, since the 1990s the park has been virtually surrounded by Saskatoon's urban sprawl, casting the Forestry Farm, along with several contiguous linear parks, in an additional role as part of the region's greenbelt.