Transcona Historical Museum Canada, Winnipeg

Transcona Historical Museum

Transcona Museum is a museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba, that maintains and promotes the history, stories and community spirit of the neighbourhood of Transcona. The museum was founded in 1967 as Transcona’s Centennial Project celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada. Today, the museum is located in the only municipally designated heritage building in Transcona. This historic building was originally constructed by the Bank of Toronto in 1925 and later served as the Transcona Municipal Office. This building is owned and operated by the City of Winnipeg.

Over the years, the TM has acquired an extensive collection of artifacts, photographs and documentary records that together tell the story of Transcona’s community history. These collections include everything from railway artifacts, items from early Transcona businesses, historic clothing and household objects, to special natural and cultural history collections. The Museum is affiliated with the CMA, CHIN, and Virtual Museum of Canada.