Fantasilandia Chile, Santiago


Fantasilandia is a Chilean amusement park. The park opened in 1978 and is located in a corner of the O'Higgins Park in Santiago, Chile.

On January 28, 1978 the park opened for first time with only 8 attractions, including the "Galaxy" coaster, "Mansion Siniestra", "Ford T" and "Century 2000", among others. Over the years the park has replaced many of its classic rides with modern rides like "Top Spin", "Xtreme Fall", and "Boomerang".

In late 2007, Fantasilandia opened a new ride to replace the old ride "Splash". Called "Tsunami" (Shoot the Chute) it was built in Chile under licence of Intamin A.G of Switzerland. With this milestone the park celebrated its 30-year anniversary. The ride "Villa Magica" also opened in the Kids Zone, located next to "Cine Magic 3D" and fast food locations. In 2008 Fantasilandia opened the second Vekoma SLC in South America. It is called "Raptor" and cost around US$10,000,000. In 2009 three new rides opened in the Kids Zone area. These were "Rockin' Tug", "Toing & Boing" and "Buggy Jump", all of them made in Italy by Zamperla. In late 2010 the Wave Swinger (a flying chairs ride) made by Zierer was opened and is called "Volare" A German built Condor ride was introduced in late 2011. It is called Ikarus. In December, 2012, Fantasilandia added an Air Race ride, built by Zamperla Rides, celebrating 35 years of the opening of the park A year later, the S.D.C Galaxy rollercoaster was closed due to an accident and the "Fun Karting" ride was removed. Also a restaurant with kiddie theme was added in front of the Air Race, and the construction for the new Mack Rides Twist 'n' Splash ride begun (which opened the 21st of December of that year) In December 2014, Fantasilandia started opening the "Moby Dick" ride, manufactured by Wisdom Rides, which opened officially to public in January 2015