Beijing Chaoyang Park China, Beijing

Beijing Chaoyang Park

Chaoyang Park is a park located on the site of the former Prince's Palace in Beijing's Chaoyang District.

The park's construction began in 1984 and it became Beijing's largest park. It is approximately 2.8 km in length and approximately 1.5 km in width. It has a total area of 288.7 hectares, and a water surface area of 68.2 hectares. The majority of land in the park is used as green space.

It features flower gardens, fairground with rides, including a roller coaster, landscaped areas and several large swimming pools. Bicycles and boats may also be hired at various locations in the park.

The Beijing Great Wheel, a 208 m (682 ft) tall giant Ferris wheel, was to have been constructed at Chaoyang Park, but went into receivership in 2010.