Yueyang Tower China, Changsha

Yueyang Tower

Yueyang Tower is an ancient Chinese tower in Yueyang, Hunan Province, on the shore of Lake Dongting. Alongside the Pavilion of Prince Teng and Yellow Crane Tower, it is one of the Three Great Towers of Jiangnan. Yueyang Tower becomes famous for Memorial to Yueyang Tower written by Fan Zhongyan, an eminent minister of the Northern Song dynasty (960–1127) in China. Located on the city wall of the west gate of the ancient city in Yueyang city, Hunan province, China. Yueyang Tower faces the Junshan Island and overlooks Dongting Lake, being exquisite and imposing. Since ancient times, it has been enjoying the good reputation that Dongting Lake is the best among lakes, and Yueyang Tower is incomparable among towers. Yueyang Tower with yellow tiles and overhanging eaves set the green forest off. Its roof covered with yellow glazed tiles , has a smooth curve, precipitous yet warped, just as the general's helmet in ancient China. It is the only ancient building with the helmet roof structure in China.