Guangji Bridge China, Ningbo

Guangji Bridge

Guangji Bridge, also known as Xiangzi Bridge is an ancient bridge that crosses the Han River in Chaozhou, Guangdong province, China. A key cultural relic under national protection, the bridge is renowned as one of China's four famous ancient bridges; the other three are the Zhaozhou Bridge, the Lugou Bridge and Luoyang Bridge.It is located in the east of Chaozhou, across Hanjiang River. It was an important bridge for people from two sides of Han River to travel. It is the first open and close style bateau bridge in China, and even in the world. There is an old saying, “到潮不到桥,枉向潮州走一遭.” It means that if you went to Chaozhou without visiting the bridge, you cannot say that you have been to Chaozhou actually. Mao Yisheng, a famous expert in bridge, said, “A part of Guangji Bridge is connected by boats as a bateau bridge. When it is open, there is a channel for ships and boats to get across. It can also be close. Since it can be open and close, it is a special case in the history of bridge in our country.”, There are various pavilions on the bridge, so there is a popular saying, “twenty-four pavilions have twenty-four styles.” What’s more, a great number of businessmen did business on the bridge. It was very prosperous at that time, so people say, “In one Li one the bridge, there is one Li of business market.”