Loma del Capiro Cuba Cuba, Santa Clara

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Loma del Capiro

Loma del Capiro (English: Capiro's Hill) is a group of three small peaks located in the city of Santa Clara, Cuba. The elevation gained local and worldwide historic significance after Che Guevara used it as hideout and command center to invade the city in a battle known as Battle of Santa Clara during the Cuban Revolution. With an altitude of 176.6 m (579 ft), the smallest peak holds the name of Capiro and next to it, with 185.9 and 188.4 meters tall are twin peaks known as Dos Hermanas (Two sisters). A monument commemorating the battle was placed at the top of the smallest peak. A lookout is located close to it, providing a view of the city, the savanna filled with royal palms and farms. The natural surroundings provide shelter to endemic vegetation and a plantation of Santa Clara's tree, the tamarind sits on the South side of it.