Canal de Bourgogne France, Dijon

Canal de Bourgogne

The Burgundy Canal is a canal in Burgundy in central eastern France. It connects the river Yonne at Migennes with the Saône at Saint-Jean-de-Losne. Construction began in 1775 and was completed in 1832. The canal connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea via the Seine and the Yonne to the Saône and Rhône.

The canal is 242 km (150 mi) long, with 189 locks. There were originally 191 lock basins but the double staircase locks at Migennes (114-115Y) and Germigny (106-107Y) had the uppermost set of gates removed the lower chamber raised, for form single locks, though twice as deep as a standard lock (5m13 and 5m14 instead of the usual 2.50 - 3m).

The canal passes through the departments of Yonne and Côte-d'Or. Its summit level is at Pouilly-en-Auxois, 378m above sea level. At this point the canal passes through a tunnel which is 3,333 metres long. The lowest point is at the junction with the Yonne at 79 m (259 ft) above sea level.