Holy Cross Church, Frankfurt-Bornheim Germany, Frankfurt

Holy Cross Church, Frankfurt-Bornheim

The Holy Cross Church is a Catholic church in the Bornheim district of Frankfurt am Main (Germany). It is similar in design to the Frauenfriedenskirche (=Women's Peace Church) in Frankfurt-Bockenheim. It was built by Martin Weber from 1928 to 1929, on a rise then known as Bornheimer Hang. The church is an unusual example of interwar modernism as sacred Bauhaus architecture.

The church was finally completed on 25 August 1929 and handed to the Catholic congregation of Bornheim. It was damaged in the Second World War, and afterwards rebuilt with money donated for this purpose.

It is branch church of the parish St. Josef and is part of the Diocese of Limburg. The diocese dedicated it from 1 August 2007 as the location of a Centre for Christian Meditation and Spirituality, which is led by the Franciscan Helmut Schlegel. During the period of renovation of the St. Leonhard's Church in Frankfurt-Altstadt it has also been home to the St. Leonhard's International English-Speaking Catholic Parish from 7 May 2011.