St. Anne's Museum Quarter, Lübeck Germany Germany, Lübeck

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St. Anne's Museum Quarter, Lübeck

St. Anne's Museum Quarter (German: Museumsquartier St. Annen) was previously an Augustinian nunnery, St. Anne's Priory (German: Sankt-Annen-Kloster). Since 1915 it has housed St. Anne's Museum, one of Lübeck's museums of art and cultural history containing Germany's largest collection of medieval sculpture and altar-pieces, including the famous altars by Hans Memling (formerly at Lübeck Cathedral), Bernt Notke, Hermen Rode, Jacob van Utrecht and Benedikt Dreyer. These are exhibited on the building's first a museum and art exhibition hall located near St. Giles Church and next to the synagogue in the south-east of the city of Lübeck, Germany. On the building's second floor is exhibited a large collection of home decor items and interiors of different periods, showing how the area's citizens lived from medieval times up to the 1800s. A modern addition houses special exhibits. The museum is part of the Lübeck World Heritage site.