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Markdorf is a town in the Bodensee district, in Baden-Württemberg, Southern Germany. It is situated near Lake Constance, 10 km northwest of Friedrichshafen. Georg Riedmann is the mayor of Markdorf and was elected in 2013. The little city was founded in 1225 and was host to the church council before it was moved to Konstanz. With its historic downtown it is a beautiful tourist attraction. If you have had enough of the city, the beautiful landscape invites you to climb the Gehrenberg, which is a little glacier terminal moraine from the last Ice Age. On the top of the little mountain there is a 30m high tower, from the top of which you can enjoy a beautiful view over the largest German lake, as well as the Swiss, Austrian and German Alps. On 22 December 1939 the location was host to one of the three major train accidents on German history which occasioned the death of about 100 people.