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Oberharz am Brocken

Oberharz am Brocken is a town in the Harz District, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It was formed on 1 January 2010 by the merger of the town of Elbingerode with the municipalities of the former Verwaltungsgemeinschaft ("collective municipality") Brocken-Hochharz (except for Allrode). The name chosen by the new town's administration has caused some disturbance, as the area is not part of the Upper Harz region, which traditionally refers to the seven mining towns (Bergstädte) of Clausthal, Zellerfeld, Andreasberg, Altenau, Lautenthal, Wildemann, and Grund, all located in the neighbouring state of Lower Saxony. A lawsuit filed by the Lower Saxon Samtgemeinde ("collective municipality") Oberharz in 2009 was dismissed by the Saxony-Anhalt administrative court in Magdeburg.