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Sonthofen is the most southerly town of Germany, located in the Oberallgäu region of the Bavarian Alps. Neighbouring Oberstdorf is situated 14 km farther south but is not classified as a town. Sonthofen is located at 47°30′57″N 10°16′52″E. In 2005, Sonthofen was awarded "Alpenstadt des Jahres" (Alpine city of the year). In World War II Sonthofen was bombed twice because Adolf Hitler had built the Ordensburg Sonthofen where young boys were trained for service in Nazi Party organizations. The "Ordensburg" was not destroyed in the war. From 1946 to 1948 it was home to the United States Constabulary school, from May 1951 through February 1952, was used by the United States Air Force in Europe as a basic training center, and from 1956-2009 the German Bundeswehr located its Military Police (Feldjäger) and Staff Service School there. The German Army's NBC Defence School (ABC-Abwehr- und Selbstschutzschule) is located in another barracks in Sonthofen. Sonthofen was given town rights on 18 August 1963. Sonthofen has 20,990 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2008). It is widely known for its milk and cheese products and as a tourist destination.