Castle Solitude Germany, Stuttgart

Castle Solitude

Castle Solitude is a Rococo Schloss (thus not a true castle) and hunting retreat commissioned by Duke Charles Eugene, designed by Johann Friedrich Weyhing and Philippe de La Guêpière, and constructed from 1764-69. Since 1956 the area is part of the urban district of Stuttgart-West despite the castle being located just southeast of the town of Gerlingen. Solitude is located on an elongated ridge between the towns of Leonberg, Gerlingen and Stuttgart. The castle offers views to the north over the towns of Weilimdorf, Korntal and Ludwigsburg and the Württemberg lowlands around Ludwigsburg.

On April 1, 1942, Schloss Solitude was incorporated into Stuttgart. Since 1956, Schloss Solitude has been part of Stuttgart-West.