Arg of Tabriz Iran, Tabriz

Arg of Tabriz

Arg of Tabriz, is the remnants of a big fortification and city wall in downtown Tabriz. Ark's structure is visible from far distances in downtown of Tabriz, if not blocked by newly high raised building.

The structure initially raised to built a mausoleum in 14th-century during Ilkhanate era however with the sudden death of the governor of the city and with some construction complications in constructing a roof without pillar for such a huge complex, the mausoleum structure remained incomplete. In 19th-century with raise of tensions between Iran and Russia the structure rapidly turned into city's fort and additional military installations such as barracks, a cannon foundry added to the original structure. During twenty century the military installations are removed from original construction and the surrounding of the ark turned into a Park. In late twenty century the surrounding of the Ark is reconstructed city's big mosque.