Malik National Museum of Iran Iran, Tehran

Malik National Museum of Iran

Malek National Museum and Library is a museum and national library in Tehran, Iran.Malek National Library and Museum Institution (MNLMI) is the first private museum of Iran and one of the six large libraries holding exquisite manuscripts. The MNLMI collection is a rich trove of the best manuscripts and Iranian historical artworks. The Institution is located in the historical precinct of “Bagh-e Melli” that is considered the cultural-historical center of Tehran. The MNLM visitors include a large number of university students and researchers, as well as tourists who enjoy its library and museum facilities.It is one of the biggest libraries of precious manuscripts in Iran, built by Hadji Hussein Agha Malek, at the time the richest man in Iran. He built it in a traditional Persian architecture style. One of the biggest contributors is Esat Malek Malek, Hadji Hussein Agha Malek's eldest daughter, who contributed to the museum's development.