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Kupiškis (pronunciation) is a city in northeastern Lithuania. It is the capital of the Kupiškis district municipality. Kupiškis is located on the Lėvuo and Kupa rivers. The name of the city comes from the Kupa River. The Gediminas Bridge crosses the Kupa River. There are six parts of the city, which are named: Centras (Center or Old Town; the oldest buildings in the city, town hall, sanitation and utility buildings, library, church, high school, blocks of flats, detached houses) Krantinė (high-rise housing complex between 4 and 5 floors, detached houses, shopping malls, preschool, primary school) Kraštiečiai (high-rise housing complex between 2 and 6 floors, shopping malls, preschool) Račiupėnai (a residential area; detached houses, middle school, business and technological school, bus station) Zuntė (a residential area; detached houses) Pramoninė teritorija (Industrial district; factories, warehouses, train station)