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Tauragė (pronunciation ; see other names) is an industrial city in Lithuania, and the capital of Tauragė County. In 2011, its population was 26,444. Tauragė is situated on the Jūra River, close to the border with the Kaliningrad Oblast, and not far from the Baltic Sea coast. Although first mentioned in 1507, Tauragė received its city charter only in 1924 and its coat of arms (a silver hunting horn in a red field) in 1997. Notable buildings in the city include the castle (19th c. Russian Empire Customs) (currently housing Tauragė Region Museum, Tourism Information Centre), 19th c. Post office, beautiful buildings from the 20th c. inter-war period, several churches: the Lutheran (built in 1843), the Catholic (1904) and Orthodox (1933). Lithuanian, Swedish, Danish factories operates in the city. Nowadays Tauragė is famous for its car markets and Taurai Adventure Park.