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Rambrouch (Luxembourgish: Rammerech) is a commune and small town in western Luxembourg, in the canton of Redange. It lies close to the border with Belgium. Rambrouch was formed on 1 January 1979 from the former communes of Arsdorf, Bigonville, Folschette, and Perlé, all in Redange canton. The law creating Rambrouch was passed on 27 July 1978. As of 2005, the town of Rambrouch, which lies in the centre of the commune, has a population of 379. Other towns within the commune include Arsdorf, Bigonville, Bilsdorf, Folschette, Holtz, Hostert, Koetschette, Perlé, Rombach, Schwiedelbrouch, and Wolwelange.