Radegast train station Poland, Łódź

Radegast train station

The Radogoszcz station built originally between 1926 and 1937, is a small historic railway station in Łódź, Poland; also referred to as the loading platform in Marysin, a neighbourhood in the Bałuty district of the city. During World War II the station was situated just beyond the boundary of the Łódź Ghetto – one of the biggest Jewish ghettos in German-occupied Europe. Radegast was the main railway link of the Ghetto to the outside world, used predominantly for the Holocaust transports organized by German Nazis.

In the course of the Holocaust in Poland, the Umschlagplatz at the Radegast station was the place where predominantly Jewish inhabitants of Łódź including thousands of expelees from across occupied Poland were gathered for deportations directly to Chełmno (Kulmhof) and Auschwitz extermination camps. Approximately 200,000 Polish, Austrian, German, Luxemburg and Czech Jews passed through the station on the way to their deaths in the period from January 16, 1942, to August 29, 1944. The collection point had the same significance for Łódź as the better known Umschlagplatz had for the Warsaw Ghetto.