Remuh Cemetery Poland, Kraków

Remuh Cemetery

The Remah Cemetery, or Remuh Cemetery, also known as the Old Jewish Cemetery of Kraków, located in Kraków, Poland, is an inactive Jewish historic cemetery established in 1535. It is located in the Renaissance Kazimierz district of the city beside the 16th-century Remah Synagogue, at 40 Szeroka Street. In 1800, the cemetery was closed and the nearby New Jewish Cemetery was built at 55 Miodowa Street. The cemetery gets its name from Rabbi Moses Isserles, whose name is abbreviated as Remah, who is buried there. Izaak Jakubowicz, donor of the Izaak Synagogue is buried there.

During the German occupation of Poland, the Nazis destroyed the cemetery tearing down the walls and hauling away tombstones to be used as paving stones in the camps, or selling them for profit. The tombstone of the Remah (Rabbi Moses Isserles) is one of the few that remained intact. The cemetery has undergone a series of post-war restorations. As is common in contemporary Poland, all tombstones unearthed as paving stones have been returned and re-erected, although they represent a small fraction of the monuments that once stood in the cemetery.