Prince Alfred's Guard Memorial South Africa, Port Elizabeth

Prince Alfred's Guard Memorial

Prince Alfred's Guard Memorial is a provincial heritage site in St George's Park in Port Elizabeth in South Africa's Eastern Cape province. The memorial is situated on top of Port Elizabeth's second oldest reservoir. On November 6, 1907 the Honourable Edgar H Walton, MLA, Treasurer General of the Cape Colony, unveiled the memorial to the fallen of the Prince Alfred's Guard.

In 1983, it was described in the Government Gazette as

The Prince Alfred's Guard Memorial is one of the largest and heaviest architectural products in the Victorian idiom manufactured by the Saracen foundry of Walter MacFarlane of Glasgow in Scotland. The structure is a fitting tribute to the memory of the officers and men who made the supreme sacrifice in the Transkei War (1877), Basuto War (1880-1881), Bechuana War (1897) and the Anglo Boer War (1899-1902).