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Museum of World Culture

The national Museum of World Culture opened in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2004. Its aim is to interpret the subject of world culture in an interdisciplinary way. The museum is situated next to the Universeum science centre and the amusement park Liseberg, and close to Korsvägen. "The museum interprets the concept of world culture in a dynamic and open-ended manner. On the one hand, various cultures are incorporating impulses from each other and becoming more alike. On the other hand, local, national, ethnic and gender differences are shaping much of that process. World culture is not only about communication, reciprocity, and interdependence, but the specificity, concretion and uniqueness of each and every individual." (From the background info on the museums homepage.) The opening exhibitions of the museum were: No Name Fever: AIDS in the age of globalization Horizons: Voices from a global Africa Sister of Dreams: People and myths of the Orinoco Fred Wilson: Site unseen - Dwellings of the Demons 390 m2 Spirituality